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The real cars of the future.

With each passing decade, cars are becoming more like not just a means of transportation, but the house, an amusement park, an office on wheels. World-renowned car manufacturers shocking experts and customers by future innovations.

The real cars of the futureFor example, the company BMW regularly pleases global society of motorists by original solutions. At this time, it plans to release a new open version of the BMW i8, where unrealistic idea is designed by professionals. In this sports model will be no side mirrors, as well as virtually there won’t be buttons or keys. Therefore, to control the certain functions of the customer will be able to use your voice and gestures. Another innovative element of this model will be a 21-inch multimedia display that will be located on the front panel. In this case the part of information will be displayed on the car windscreen.

On his new ideas about interior a German company Audi told. Multimedia system of own production receives the necessary information about the driver’s state of health from fitness bracelet, as well as special hours. Unique navigation system controls the traffic lights. The front panel has received two new touch screen, through which you can manage the different functions.