How To Replace A Headlight Bulb

How To Replace A Headlight BulbShe’s welcome the hot open things in poor stuff or teacher to start taking care your car to stop being that guy . Lesson number 12 how to replace your headlight ball. Your headlights of been out for a week chief I know you feel tough because it’s the closest you’ll ever get to being a fugitive but now you can’t leave your house at night. The bold assembly can be removed from the back of the head let.

This one had a couple of bolts so I already loose in Korea. Go ahead and pop out the bulb assembly. Now you may have to twist the ball to one of the groups . Kinda like opening your bottle of chewable vitamins. Now just pop the ball back careful though don’t break you can cut your hand in you know how queasy get around blood respects your ball bearing on the back that’s I you know account above you need to get from the auto parts store. Here put these on before you handle union ball. Even though you wash your hands with antibacterial soap 23 times a day you still have oil and grime. Did that stuff on your palm can diminish its lifespan.

NMO early creeps me out when you do thatnow you can put it all . Do everything you just did but in reverse. You want you can just watch the video the summary or. Now just put it back together. Well that’s it chief you’re good to go. Free to drive at night and resume your nocturnal bird watching one suggestion though unless you’re planning on doing some body cavity searches in the near future you might want to take those gloves off before going on public.