How to change 2005 Chevy Equinox headlights

So this is an Equinox not 2005 into today thanks to tune in and everyone we’re going to change the headlight ball war your indicate a ball. You do you should just try to pry it open from this corner here. Gently stick it in there. And I need a smaller screwdriver. Almost too big. Small and. Gently pry. I like that. Although it could. Is the. There’s 3 screws. One year One of the here. And one straight down in this part senior extension. To go down right there and remove.

2005 chevy equinox headlightsI just want to let him not shot. That. Men so like this. Entire. Peace out. The. There you go. But. Now you have access to all. The balms. In the back So like actually As you can see our headlight your indicator you’re running like your high beams everything is there so. My 2005 Chevy Equinox headlights is gone so that our police that. This set this off. There is that. A lot Classic lock mechanism here just remove that. The speech here When the movie of all, I got my new bald. You balk at the back end.

He gently slipped this back in place by inserting the bottom first. You sure this is locked in again. There you go here that notch. And then Putting your 3 screws again. When you’re And here Not gonna make the stakes on the inside you certain notches that hold in the place. One line was back up. And it just snaps back in place. None the soonest mean funny. Sure it’s nice and secure. I And you’re done.