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Interesting facts about limousines.

limousineBy the present day, limousines crossed the centenarians own history. His nickname they took away from the historic province “Limousine” in France. The first car of such class has been seen in the United States at the beginning of the XX century.

Over the years, the limousines are improving and get the latest features. Extra long fully enclosed body with a special fence, sometimes a sound-proof, which separates the front seat from the back – that’s probably the main characteristic unusualness of limousines.

Under the hood a powerful 8-cylinder engine is hiding, that’s why the limousine looks so majestically on the road. Interior of any limousine is made according to the owner’s tastes, ranging from the color upholstery and location of sofas, and to complete the technical components. Sat TV, Internet, telephone, bar, freezer, air conditioning, etc. The model Cadillac Escalade Ultra Super Stretch, for example, has a place for the aquarium with goldfish.